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J is the Justice

J is the Justice, the ego ate

innocence devourers humanity the day

children are locked inside of a cage;

their belief in humanity is taken away.


One of the best parts of my day as an educator was watching children become illuminated at the sight of their parents. When their mother and/or father come to the door way and a child leaps across the room to hug them. Once you become a parent your family becomes part of your purpose in the world. If you are risking everything to keep them safe, someone should have mercy for your efforts. Anyone who has had a child love them should never want to see a child hurt or separated from their families. Once my students leapt into their parents arms there was no letting go and that is exactly how a child should feel in this world. We wonder why we are facing so many hardships as a nation in 2018, it is because we don't spend enough time developing our humanity or that of others. Families were split and sold apart throughout slavery and Black Americans are continuously trying to trace our ancestors to find the center of ourselves. This is not a problem that will be cured quickly, the trauma could last for generations. This project is one way that I can give a voice of support to the families still separated and a push to our government to do better on behalf of our children.

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