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L is the Law

L is the law

which we've learned to trust

but what do we do

when a law is unjust?


I used the color blue because it is a common color associated with police, at least from where I am in Texas. Blue is a beautiful color, the color of the ocean, but one can be drowned in the ocean. That is what some of our laws are doing to us now. They are being used, not as a method of creating harmony, but as a method of wielding power and a way to punish those who's only crime is not being white. The police with shades is in white, because some people believe that white makes right. The L is brown, the color of my skin. I believe in following the law, I believe in being a good citizen, I believe in being a good American. I mistakenly believe that racism was something America had outgrown, but it is obvious that isn't the case. Perhaps we will never completely outgrow it, but it is our responsibility to try. It is our responsibility to see the humanity in all people. It is our responsibility to stand up the law when it is unjust.

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