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F is the Freedom



In creating this piece “F” for FREEDOM I had so many thoughts running through my mind.  I don’t like conventional rules or ways.  Because of that I often live with constant conflict, from who I am, what I want, and what society, and family want and expect. Still, I am ultimately free to do as I wish.  I can lay down roots and/or roam the world in pursuit of fulfillment and enlightenment.  That is what freedom looks like to me and so I chose symbols and images of my Taino ancestors, a winged, crowned, flaming heart that blooms like a flower atop foliage and roots.  This is symbolic of the connection to ancestral, indigenous, roots while also having the wings to follow the dreams and passions of the soul.  I added the crown as a symbol of the abundance and prosperity that is available and belongs to all of humanity.  I am one of those all or nothing types.  I hope, wish, pray, and meditate for happiness, love prosperity and freedom for all.  Until that happens, are any of us really free?

Each of the 328 dots represents a prayer of love, peace, health, and intention. There are Taino symbols of Water, baby, fertility, sun, snail, and coqui. Roots and leaves are a recurring symbol in my artwork. For me strong roots and leaves, new growth are a of hope. A flaming heart full of passion and fueled by dreams with golden wings is the epitome of freedom. The background was painted in many layers. Maybe 10 - 12 layers of paint. Like the layers (the circle) of life, some layers are bright and sunny, some are dark and dreary, bits of color blend together to make new colors and show through on the the surface that is scratched and scared with the patina of time and the edges are worn with age.


I felt the need to use ancient Taino symbols in my art. This is part of my ancestry and legacy. Although I am a native born Californian I still feel a strong bond to Puerto Rico where my mother was born, where my grandmother and many other relatives still live. I have laid roots there as well as here. I created this piece in the month of my 50th ride around the sun. It was the perfect project to kick off the next half century of my journey.

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